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Oxford Fashion Week

I was over the moon to be contacted by the organisers of Oxford Fashion Week to tell me that I had been a selected designer for part of the show in their March season! I took part in the Cosmopolitan show, which was the opening show of the week, on Thursday 5th March, 2015. The venue was absolutely stunning and was held in the ballroom of The Randolph Hotel in Oxford. The catwalk was adorned in beautiful coloured lights with big chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, such a glamorous atmosphere and perfect ambiance for the show. It was the first time I actually watched my own show and was able to see my collection in another light. Seeing my models come out on the catwalk was such a proud moment, and a different feeling to what I had felt before, in terms of my work. Seeing all your hard work come down the catwalk is the best feeling in the world, and something I have dreamt of for a long time. I showed 6 outfits from my current collection 'Portraits of Elegance', but I chose my designs carefully, as these particular garments were ones that hadn't been seen on the catwalk before, so it was very exciting!

The room was full, with no spare seats. I had the pleasure of sitting on the front row, so got a great view of the show alongside fashion photographers, stylists, designers and plenty of fashionistas! A perfect audience to view my brand. I had a fantastic evening and enjoyed being a part of Oxford Fashion Week.



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